Organic products designed to reduce soil / crop disease and increase yields
with lower input costs!

Global Soil Solutions has made great strides in recent years with our ongoing technology to combat soil and insect borne diseases both in the USA and Central America. We are dedicated to make these new technologies available for all growers anywhere in the world. Let our professionals help you solve your soil and crop problems while reducing input costs.


• Better crop performance
• Improved root structures and overall crop quality
• Vast improvements in soil conditions and water retention
• Vegetation grows stronger, and matures faster

Yard, Farm or Nursery Products

We carry products that will increase your growing rate whether for a commercial nursery, farm or your residential home.

Our products for golf course turf improvement and better turf quality improve soil quality and reduce the costs of input. If you need heartier, greener lawns or sturdier, healthier plants in your garden, you will find those in supermaxx and bio organic plant and lawn products. Our FCC fuel conditioner reduces maintenance costs, increases mileage and reduces emissions.