Stimulates CEC In The Soil Enhancing Nutrient Uptake While Reducing Insect Damage

Improves Produce
Resists Drought

Crop RESTART® is 100% Carcinogen Free, 100% Bio-Gradable Plant Cleaner & Soil Prep, plant oil based product that is extremely versatile. Crop RESTART® is Eco Cert/ USDA-NOP Approved that is highly concentrated. Crop RESTART® stimulates the CEC in the soil thereby enhancing nutrient uptake while helping to reduce insect damage. This product also has the unique ability to pull other nutrients into the plant tissue and roots because of it Nano-particle size. Therefore, the Nano-particles are systemically transmitted throughout the phloem of the crops and trees pulling the applied nutrients/ products through the entire plant not merely the surface compared to many chemical based products. To ensure the best results always perform a compatibility jar test. **Don’t Guess, Soil Test TM